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Interested in becoming a Tallahassee Seasoned Local? It's simple! Just check out our bucket list, featuring some of the city's best spots, snap a few photos and submit them to us. Signing up just takes a minute, then the fun lasts all season long.

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The more tasks you complete by snapping pics at local sites, the more prizes you win. Take a look at the prizes below, then take aim at nabbing that Tier 3 loot.

Tier 1

1 completed task
  • Sunglasses
  • Straws
  • TLH Magnet
  • Notebook
tier one photo

Tier 2

3 completed tasks
  • TLH Mug
  • Umbrella
  • Growler
tier two photo

Tier 3

5 completed tasks
  • TLH T-Shirt
  • Toddler T-shirt
  • Trailahassee Camelbak® Water Bottle
  • #iHeartTally Canvas Tote Bag
tier three photo

*Prizes are based on availability and are subject to change.

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